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“Their infectious positivity is always welcome at any music venue or festival”
“Vote the “Mischa Party” – they certainly could do a better job than the current suits in power.”

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Live Shows 2019

Jan 4th 2019

Diverse Abilities Ball, The Pavillion

Bournemouth, Dorset

Jan 25th 2019

Icebreaker Festival

Portsmouth, Hampshire

Feb 4th-19th 2019

Jamaica Tour

Jamaica, The Carribean

Feb 22nd 2019

The Cellar Bar

Bournemouth, Dorset

April 7th 2019

The Queen's Head

Farnham, Surrey

April 13th 2019

Disco's Out (Murder's In) Support - The Cellar Bar

Bournemouth, Dorset

May 3rd-5th 2019

Teddy Rocks Festival Stage

Blandford, Dorset

May 18th 2019 

Increase the Peace - Chaplins

Bournemouth, Dorset

May 19th 2019

RNLI Food & Drink Festival

Poole, Dorset

May 25th 2019

BeCiderSea Festival

Burton Bradstock, Dorset

May 26th 2019

Mad Hatters Festival

Seaton, Devon

June 1st 2019


Dalwood, Devon

June 8th 2019

Party in the Park

Crondall, Surrey

June 23rd 2019

The King Charles

Poole, Dorset

June 29th 2019

Private Party

Wimborne, Dorset

July 14th 2019

Milford Festival

New Forest, Hampshire

July 20th 2019

Yarty Party Festival

Axminster, Devon

July 27th 2019

RNLI College

Poole, Dorset

July 27th 2019

Poole Harbour Festival

Poole, Dorset

July 27th 2019

Greenpeace - The Cellar Bar

Bournemouth, Dorset

August 9th 2019

Boomtown Fair

Winchester, Hampshire

August 15-18th 2019

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

Purbecks, Dorset

August 25th 2019

The Black Swan

Swanage, Dorset

August 31st 2019

Extinction Rebellion

Chaplins, Dorset

September 20th 2019

Last of the Summer Cider Festival

Cranborne Chase, Dorset

September 27th 2019

The Boo Ball, The Lighthouse

Poole, Dorset

October 12th 2019

Imprints support, The Palladium

Bideford, Devon

October 27th 2019

The Queen's Head

Farnham, Surrey

November 16th 2019

Bredy Farm

Burton Bradstock, Dorset

November 30th 2019

Imprints Support, Cellar Bar

Boscombe, Dorset

December 12th 2019

60 Million Postcards

Bournemouth, Dorset

December 14th 2019

King Arthur w/ Cut Throat Francis

Glastonbury, Somerset

The Circus

All proceeds from this track will go to the charity teddy20 / teddy rocks

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About clubbing together to make a difference.

Give Green a Chance & Revolution

Filmed @ The Cellar Bar, Boscombe 18th May 2018

Air I Breathe

From the Overworked & Underpaid EP. A love song…!

About Us

A dynamic and inspiring collective of musicians who infuse an array of genres culminating in a melting pot of sax, strings, drums & keys. Mischa & His Merry Men deliver an energetic and compelling performance with their uplifting, socially charged originals taking you on an exciting voyage laced with messages of peace, love & unity… the revolution starts here!



Bring back community by encouraging musicians from around the UK to join us on stage and use music to come together.

Inspire unity through dancing and singing crowds.

Promote good ethics through not only our lyrics, but through our actions, which include giving gifts to all at our shows and are active members in supporting various nature charities, re-planting trees and promoting a message of goodwill and positive karma.

Our Music